Sunday installed a community refrigerator in front of a restaurant at Sainik School square here to feed hungry people of the city. People, who have surplus food, can donate to the fridge instead of throwing it.The motive of the initiative is to eliminate food wastage and feed the hungry people. “We don’t want anyone to sleep hungry in pain or worry about food,” said Anuradha Vishesh Agrawal,chairperson of  Annapurna.

COMMUNITY FRIDGE food for hungry people

The first community fridge was inaugurated by Bhubaneswar North MLA Priyadarshi Mishra. The organisations plan to install four more fridges at different places to help the destitute. These places are- Patia, Saheed Nagar, Old Town and Bhubaneswar Railway Station.

Yesterday Deepak ku. singh an citizen of smart city Bhubaneswar was the 1st person who donate the surplus food at the community fridge ,. His Son’s first birthday which has been held at a Star Hotel Of Bhubaneswar where lots of food have been left which he put at community fridge near sainik school bhubaneswar.

Mr. DEEPAK was user of community fridge

“After reading the news about Community fridge, i don’t waste my surplus food of my sons birthday and donate those food for the hungry peoples of Bhubaneswar” said Deepak Kumar Singh.

Its an great initiative by Deepak, we appeal to all citizen of Bhubaneswar don’t waste your food and kindly donate it so that you can be an reason for omitting someones hunger and bring smile into their face.

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